Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Naughty or Nice?...

Every year, around this time, the shops seem to  temp us with a nice, new, little (or rather big) selection of perfumes just released in time to fill our christmas stockings! and each year, the perfumes on my list seem to go from liking one or two to liking 10! But as I was flicking through a magazine last week, I saw an advert for Vivienne Westwood's new perfume Naughty Alice. Now I don't know about you, but every now and again I see a perfume  and know i'll like it before i've even smelt it, (is that crazy?)  but this definitely happened to be one of those perfumes. 
I love the simplistic but pretty bottle and packaging, and the hint towards one of my favourite ever books/movies (note the looking glass/mirror on the packaging and the colour, and of course the name!) but with a more grown up, feminine twist. 

Heres the blurb about it:
"Naughty Alice is a sensual and audacious new fragrance inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s playful and highly creative imaginary universe. Sexy, musky yet comforting, Naughty Alice enlivens the senses and is the perfect example of modern femininity. The fragrance transports you to a sensual dream world where everything is possible and your adventurous curiosity can be unleashed. This chic feminine and provocative new floriental perfume leaves you with a naughty twinkle in the eye."

"notes include black rose, carnal violet and ylang ylang."

Needless to say I immediately went out to try it and my prediction wasn't wrong. it's a soft, pretty, musky fragrance and it dries to a sweet smelling scent which I really like, however it's not weak one! it lasts all day long (I did spray it about 5 times though! oops.). This is definitely on the top of my christmas list this year!

Heres a few more that i've had my eye on too....

Peace, Love & Juicy Couture

Chloe Gift Set
(I've loved this for so long!)
Miss Dior Cherie

Britney Spears Radiance
(Thought i'd try it as I secretly love Fantasy!)

Lots of Love
Kate x



  1. Peace, Love & Juicy Couture! <3 Love it! XX

  2. Chloe smells AMAZING!
    same with miss dior cherie :)

  3. The Naughty Alice does indeed have beautiful packaging! I love crawling the makeup counters at this time of year, sampling all the perfumes and coming home smelling like I've been in some sort of perfume lavatory! One perfume I have wanted for far too long is Miss Dior Cherie, I love everything about it, the packaging and scent. The chloe gift set looks very elagant.

    xx Carina

  4. I'd love to smell the Britney one! and I've been wanting Daisy by Marc Jacobs for AGES! Hopefully I get it this year.

    Terri, xoxo

  5. i wish i could scratch and sniff on my screen or something lol i'm going to have to check these out!

  6. Sooo pretty! I have the Chloé perfume and it smells AMAZING

  7. Sounds really nice! I've been wanting Lady Million by Paco Rabanne for ages now! Deffo on my wishlist :D x

  8. I saw the Vivienne Westwood perfume in a mag at the weekend and I'm definately going to have a sniff the next time I'm in Boots... I love the bottle it is so pretty xx

  9. Peace,Love & juicy couture is lovely :)

  10. i am desperate for peace, love & juicy couture and my sister is for Naughty Alice. Great post Kate!

    please check out my blog:

    Thanks Hannahxxxx

  11. I seriously want Naughty Alice, it smells absolutely gorgeous, and I actually love Britney's new scent too. Too.much.temptation!!!


  12. I love Miss Dior Cherie! It's my favourite perfume of all time, its just so gorgeous!
    I do want to try out Lady Million though :)


  13. Oh my goodness the Naughty Alice bottle is so cute and dainty; I love the charm! And the Chloe, oh my! If only I could purchase these without putting a giant hole in my pocket. :(

  14. I received Miss Dior Cherie from my Daddy last year for the holiday and the bottle has been empty for months already! But this year, I want CHLOE. Oh it is so divine! May your perfume wishes come true!

  15. I really want Christina new perfume i think its called Royal Desire. I love the smell!!

  16. I'm loving vivienne westwood at the moment.

    have you ever tried Chance by Chanel? I think it'd be right up your street. it smells lovely and lasts alllll day

    I'm a jewellery making newbie and your shop really inspires me! would love to chat with you sometime!


  17. These all sound great!

    Just came across your blog!


  18. i really want to try the peace, love and juicy couture! early xmas present for myself! x

  19. This made me want the Naughty Alice perfume even more! The Miss Dior Cherie is AMAZING! I wear it constantly and am always complimented on it, I haven't found a single person who doesn't like it. I love your blog and your videos <3

    I was thinking of starting my own youtube/blog thing and I was wondering if you had any tips for a newbie like me, thanks!

  20. Im the same with Naughty Alice, I havne teven smelt it and its on my Christmas list, a bit risky but for some wierd reason I jsut know I'll love it.

    Miss Dior Cherie is amazing, I got it last year and I use it so sparingly I dont want it to run out, its my "special occasion" perfume hehe x

  21. I want Naughty Alice so much! I love Vivienne Westwood and anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, think I might be buying sometime soon :L x

  22. Loved the bottles, too bad I am mostly allergic to most perfumes, except The One from D&G.


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