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Beauty Boxes: January

So I will admit I have been some what of a slacker when it comes to posting or making videos about beauty boxes, but everyone seems to get theirs up before me! (slow coach) and then I feel like my opinion isn't really needed, but I told my self that this year I would make the effort to post about beauty boxes each month, because, truth be told I love them! Last year was defiantly the year of the beauty box! with so many coming out. This months post includes Glossy box and Carmine, I am also subscribed to Jolie Box (formerly Boudoir Prive) but they didn't send out a box in January which I still not 100% clear on why?

Just so you know though, these monthly posts aren't going to be a comparison of the boxes I talk about, as I think they are all really different, have their own unique selling points and target markets. So it will just be my general thoughts on each one!

Glossy Box:

I absolutely LOVE this months Valentines day themed packaging, The hot pink box is very me, and even though I love the usually pale pink box that arrives on my door step every month, I couldn't help wishing it was always this colour! The little glossy box rock candy sweet
 was the perfect extra touch too!
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this months box,  as I usually am,  I loved the variety of the products (I'm not one of these 'wheres my full sized Nars product?' kind of girls!) which I think is ridiculous, however that's a whole other post!

I don't often use a face primer, but the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer, feels so silky on the skin, so I'm definitely planning on giving this a go before I apply my makeup to see if it makes a difference. 

I also liked the Davines Moisturising Balm, it's made with organic carthame oil and can be used on the face, body and hair. Even though it has a fairly subtle, clean scent, I would probably stick to using it on my body. It's a bit of a strange one though as it needs to be rinsed off, so it's more like a creamy cleanser than a balm that you would leave on. I received a 75 ml tube of it so it should last a while! 

The second Davines product in the box was the Davines Cleansing Nectar, this is for your hair and body, however this one seems more of a shampoo to me. It's again made with carthame oil and has a fresh scent to it that I can't quite explain! 

I was really excited to see an Eyko product in this months box, as I really like the brand, but haven't used it much since they re-launched the brand with their new products and packaging, so it's good to be able to try something out. I got the skinny eyeliner in the colour powder pink, which I was slightly disappointed with, as I would have much preferred a more usable colour like black or brown, however I like to try and remind myself that beauty boxes are all about trying something new! so I'll probably be using this colour on my inner corners, and playing around with it to see what else I can use it for, I also really like the sleek packaging, it looks really profess!

Next I tried the Fab Gentle Body Wash, it's a gentle cream body wash for dry and sensitive skin, it has virtually no scent, so it's perfect for someone who can't use highly scented body products. It's a little boring for me as I do like scented body washes etc, but it's very moisturising and soothing on the skin. 

All in all I was happy with this months box, perfect for prepping yourself for a Valentine's date!

I have received a few Carmine boxes, all of which I have been really pleased with. I really like the outer packaging as it's simple and sleek, but I'm not biggest fan on the red and green packaging inside, this is just personal taste however and detracts noting away from the products they include each month, and hey, not everyone loves pink I guess! This months box included items to help you look and feel your best for the start of the new year!

I'm a huge fan of the Korres Wild Rose 24 hour moisturising and brightening cream, I have always loved the rose fragrance, and this facial moisturiser doesn't disappoint. The scent is very subtle with a  slight scent of rose, nothing over powering or grannyish about it! I like the fact that the scent is natural so it doesn't feel like you're putting a perfumed cream on your face, and it's great for soothing your face in this harsh winter weather.

I was very pleased to see a pair of lashes in the months box, I'm always up for trying a new pair of falsies. The Eldora lashes are the right mix of natural and glam as they are shorter around the edges to give a more natural look. I haven't tried them yet as i'm still loving my eyelash extensions, but they would be perfect for a night out!

I'm not to sure about the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil, it looks like it could be a pretty good product and I'll be applying it before my moisturiser to see if it makes a difference to my skin, But I think with any product like this you need time to see if it works for you.

I'm not a big bath salt fan, I find a them strange, but saying that, I haven't tried them for a number of years so these may change my mind! The Westlab Himalayan Pink Bath Salts are used to detoxify and maintain soft, heathly skin. They are unscented so until I give them a go I'm not to sure what to make of them, but if your a bath salt fan, these might be nice to try!

Finally I received an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick, as I previously said, I do love Eyeko, so I'm please I got the chance to try two new eyeko products this month! this one definitely looks like my kind of thing! I got it in the colour Black and I think it's a really multi purpose eye product. It's really easy to apply and blend. I'll be using this as an eye liner and as a cream eye shadow, if I'm going for a smokey eye look.

I was very pleased with my beauty boxes this month, they're such a lovely treat and I think they are definitely worth signing up to! I've linked them below so you can check them out yourself, and if your already subscribed to one, or both, what was your favourite item this month?

Find out more about GLOSSY BOX and CARMINE



  1. there are such lovely products in there. i wish we had such amazing boxes here in germany. but here they only putting crap in it -.-' such a shame!
    in btw. nice post, kate :)



  2. Lovee the new layout - great post - please can you come by and poss follow my blog ( would make my day) lovee you soo much :) Ellie xxx

  3. I loved the pink Glossybox but wasn't overly excited by this month's offerings.
    The Carmine box looked pretty good :) May have to give them a try!
    I am waiting for my next Joliebox, I've been impressed with Boudoir Prive/Joliebox so far :)


  4. love this :)please check out my channel if you're reading this and make sure to follow me or even leave a comment :)

  5. both of these boxes look great! i have the eyeko fat balm for lips and cheeks and i love it so i'd be interested to read/watch a review on this!xo

  6. You should try the Balance Me Rose Otto wash! I got a huge bottle free with a copy of ELLE magazine, from the Clothes Show Live and it's amazing! :)

  7. Defiantly prefer the look of glossy box.


  8. both boxes look lovely for this month especially the carmine box, i have always wanted to try eyeko! xox


  9. the packaging of this months glossybox is so sweet :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  10. This months glossybox looks fab! Annoyed ive unsubsribed! boo.
    x George
    frecklie.blogspot.com - dont forget to enter my giveaway!

  11. I love the packaging! I really think of ordering the Glossybox :)

  12. I get kinda sad when you write that because some other bloggers had blogged about the boxes, you didnt need too.. Have you thought about that your blog-readers don't read all the other blogs? I don't and I have been missing the blogs/video's about the boxes.

  13. beauté extra bravo

  14. Great blog!

    I was unsure if I should subscribe to the Calmaine Beauty Box as I have just subscribed to Jolie and Glossey Box.


  15. ohh i really love the concept of these boxes and the products look so amazing.

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