Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Curioser and curioser?

Ah Alice, what a bizzare but beautiful world you land in. From a young age I have always had a fasination with this odd ball story, and the characters and themes that come along with it. Growing up with the disney cartoon, it became one of my favourties, and with the long awaited Tim Burton 3D extravaganza about to hit our screens on Friday, I decided I would dedicate my very first blog post to it.

I recently watched the animated classic again, on video I might add which was weird in itself, as I havn't re-wound one in a fair few years! but falling back into that world as Alice does down the rabbit whole, you realise just how strange it was that it ever turned into a children's classic at all, what with chain smoking caterpillars and head decapitiating queens.

But where my love for this quirky classic comes from I don't know, maybe it stems from the dressing up costumes I had as a little girl, for instance a blue dress with a white pinny and aptly named "Alice" band from no other that the disney store itself, and trying very hard to get my mum & dad to change my name to Alice but with no avail.

So you can imagine that when I first heard over a year ago that two of my favourite ever creations, that being Burton and Alice were going to collide into an explosion of amazingness I got very excited, then quicky annoyed when I realised I would have to wait some 365 days until I got to see what the genious duo that is Burton and Depp, would do with it.

So until I can finally go and check out what I'm sure will be another winner, I'll leave you with some Alice inspired images. Hmmm I feel some wonderland jewellery creations coming on! . . .

You've got to love flamingos :)

Dont be late for that very important date, Alice in Wonderland hits blighty screens 5th March.


  1. <3 this!!
    your blog is cute

    ive jsut started my own now i finally have interent


  2. i know this is a late post, but you would so totally suit the name Alice =) xx


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