Friday 29 October 2010

Name The Necklace Blog Giveaway

Name The Necklace
Blog Giveaway

Hi girlies!
To celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers (which is all thanks to you guys!) I have decided to do a give away. As i'm fairly new to blogging, this is the first one, but don't worry the'll be plenty more!
(details on how to enter will be at the end)

So here are the prizes...

A Dolly Bow Bow Necklace from our new collection (not even available yet!)

Two Barry M Nail Paints of your choice! (Photo: Mushroom & Mint Green)

a M.A.C. lipstick of your choice! (Photo:Gaga, Viva Glam Collection)

How to win:

1. You must be a follower of this blog to enter

2. Name the necklace! the necklace in this prize giveaway hasn't been named yet so the person that comes up with the best name will not only win the prizes but will get to name the piece for 's new collection, out in November. So get creative!

3. the competition will run until midday (GMT) on the 1st November

4. Please ask permission to enter if you are under 18 as I will need your address to send the prizes out.

5. this is an international giveaway, you can enter anywhere in the world!

Enjoy guys!!

Lots of love

Kate x



  1. I think the necklace should be called...

    Entwined Love,

    because the ribbons all twisted and roped together and it has hearts on it ! :)


  2. Great giveaway Katie!
    How about 'Pretty Little Vintage' necklace? Because it's pretty, little and vintage!
    Terri, xoxo

  3. My suggestion is, Sweet Love. I think it would be nice because bows and roses always remind me of sweet things and the heart represents love. It's sort of a sweet, innocent, joyous love to me.

  4. Great contest! My suggestion is "Rosey Love", simply inspired by the pendants on the necklace :)

  5. First of all CONGRATS on reaching 10000 subbies!!!! So i think you should name it "a little more lovin'" since its not only one heart but two so you're getting a little more love dunno if you can understand my point hehe! thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

    Martina x

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  7. the necklace could be called 'pretty in pink' because the rose is obviously pink, and the bow and heart is pretty :)

  8. 'Sweet Hearts Bow Necklace' :) There is two hearts idicating sweet hearts and you have to throw a bow in there somewhere ^_^.

  9. Great giveaway and congrats to you hun :) my name is "imprinted with love" , inspired by the design and imprint of the necklace :)

    Eloise xoxo

  10. 'Locket full of roses'
    Bit cheesy but hey :-)

  11. love the giveaway i think it should be called " pretty little hearts" because the necklase is very pretty and lots of hearts love your youtube videos :)

  12. hey katie:),
    congradulations! you deserve it!
    i love you channel, & your vintage style & room tour has actually inspired me to get my room redone at christmas, with a "vintage floral" theme<3.
    i just wanted to ask, is the main part of the necklace a locket? if so i think something like "a locket full of love" or "pretty little locket" would be nice, & if not then "a pretty little sweetheart" thanks, & good luck everyone! xoxo

  13. "From The Heart, Necklace"


  14. Congratulations on all the subscriber Katie well done and thanks for the giveaway my idea is ' all things pretty ' x

  15. I think it should be called the 'Rosey Love-Bow Necklace' :)

    I'm following through bloglovin

    Nic x

  16. Hi Katie(:
    Congrats on getting to 10,000 subscribers you really deserve it <3
    My name for the necklace is:
    'Sweet Hearts Of Roses' :)

  17. bit of an obvious one but I think 'A Heart Of Gold' would be perfect for it. I think it has a charming simplicity to it, she who wears therefore has a heart of gold :)

  18. 'Rosey Heart of Gold' :)

    Lovely giveaway! I love the new necklace by the way!

  19. "Dolly Mixture"

    I believe this is suitable because it contains the infamous, "dolly" which is recogonisbale to your brand :) and "mixture" seeing as there is a 'mixture' of charms.

    I'm aware this name is commonly used by sweets, however, I feel this necklace does have a 'sweet' and pretty touch to it :D

  20. I think the necklace should be called
    'Two Hearts Beat As One' or 'Together Forever' ,because the locket has two hearts on it :)


  21. My suggestion is "Dainty heart"

    The necklace is lovely by the way :)

    Jenni x

  22. Congrats on yt! :D
    I think something like "Fleur de mon coeur" (which in french means flower of my heart and I like the rhyme it makes :D )would be perfect for this beauty!

  23. I would have to say Vintage heart Necklace.
    It's very anitque looking, like the old lockets you would find with the beautiful detailed hearts and often times they would be a goldish color.

    Youtube: Ciityinruins =)

  24. Delicate Fleur (delicate flower) as the heart is like a flower, you must look after it to make it beautiful <3

  25. Great Giveaway! :) I think you should name the gorgeous necklace - 'Angelic Affection' as it is sweet and I think it represents young love.
    Youtube: Chaz1094


  26. Hey katie
    Congrats for 10,000!
    You deserve it
    I think the necklace should be called
    "pretty petals" necklace
    because of the rose
    not the best name in the world but hey!
    hope you like it

  27. 'Vintage Heart Of Gold' because it's a vintage gold necklace which has the main focus of a heart. It's beautiful btw!

    I'm a follower also. Thanks for this giveaway, and congrats for 10,000 :)


  28. I think Romantic Roses, because it has a rose and love hearts, both combined makes a romantic rose ;) :) xxxxx

  29. Hey Katie

    I would call it
    Token's to the heart
    as a bow is a present with flowers are tokens someone you love will give you to get to your heart :)


  30. 'Forever my sweetheart engraved charm'


  31. ps - congrautlations on 10,000 subscribers!

  32. I think that the necklace should be called 'Two Hearts Make One' as there are two hearts within one big heart showing that two hearts make one.

    Congratulations on making 10,000 subscribers :)

  33. Congrats on the subs, you so deserve it!

    I think it should be called 'A bloomin lovely necklace' because of the rose and of course how lovely it is, haha!

    I have parental permission! x

  34. this is a lovely giveaway kate!

    i would call this necklace : Little Bow Pink.

    As the bow ties in the name perfectly and its a lovely little pink necklace.


  35. Cherished Love/Heart

    A hugeeeee congrats to you. I love your videos and am so glad you're starting to blog a lot more.

  36. Gorgeous necklace mmm i think it should be called... "Love and locket"

    Congrats on your followers!!!!

  37. Hey, Congrats on your 10,000 Subscribers!!
    Okay so i think that you could call the new necklace: 'Budding Lovers' Lockett' (if it's a locket) But if it is just a heart pendant then 'Budding Lover's' :) xoxo

  38. Congratulations on 10,000 subscribers! I love your videos and style so much! :) I think it should be called:

    'Bow-quet of Love Necklace'

    because that includes the bow the heart and the flowers!

  39. Heey kate, love DOLLYBOWBOW website and your youtube channel, ive been thinking of a good name that isnt too cheesy for your necklace so i have decided " Open the locket to my rosay heart" BECAUSE it is a heart locket, with a rose.

  40. "Young Love"
    :) x

  41. Heey Kate :)
    Congratulations On Reaching 10,000 Subscribers, You Defo Deserve It x
    The Necklace Is Beautiful && Was Difficult To Come Up With A Name That Was Creative But Finally I Thought Of..
    "The Enchanted Heart"
    Because It Reminds Me Of A Fairytale, Princesses, Its Very Pretty && Peaceful :)
    Good Luck To Everyone-x

  42. Hey Katie :)
    how about...
    "Love is a little like roses"
    "I wish our hearts become together as one"
    "Two hearts are always better than one"
    "Love all rapped up in a bow"
    congratulations on 10,000! :D
    love kay xoxo

  43. Hey Kate :)

    I think the necklace should be named 'Belle Rose' translating into 'Beautiful Rose'.. self explanitory really, as it is beauuutiful :)
    Congratulations on the subbies!


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  45. Congratulations! you work so hard with dollybowbow that i think you really deserve this so well done :)

    I think..

    ♥ My Golden Sweetheart ♥

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  46. "LuLu's Locket" :) said to have belonged to a vintage femme fatale named Lulu, the mystical locket will bring the wearer luck with love.
    I love things with a meaning or idea behind them, so thought I'd go for this!

  47. i think it should be called 'Capture my heart' because a flower is usually seen as a symbol of love ish lol & the bow as i know it represents promises, which means trust and trust is always a great way to caputre the heart! hehe lovely give away! :) xx

  48. hey katie!

    the necklace is amazing! :)
    i think it should be called ''Dolly loves bows'' i dont know where it came from, it's just cute, an there's bow and a heart sign, soo :)

  49. A heart with a bow is better than none xD
    A heart with a dolly bow bow is better than none. xD

  50. How about "Juliette"? For some reason the bow the rose and the design on the heart remind me of romance and following your heart even when it is forbidden.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. "A pretty touch of vintage"

    Congrats on the subscribers :)
    I've been a fan since the beginning.

    Love from Australia,

  53. "Heartsy Fartsy"

    I think that's quite funny :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  54. Hey Katie!

    I think this necklace should be called
    "To you, I give you my heart". Purely because when I saw it I imediatly thought of romantic young couples! Lovely necklace!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Wow, first of all, congratulations on the 10,000 subs! You deserve it!

    I've decided on 'Baby Doll Affection'. I think the necklace reflects young romance and first love, which is why I used 'Baby doll' *where the doll also slightly reflects your brand name*. I see all the symbols of romance...the heart locket thats engraved with the idea of 'two hearts make one' and resembles the memories that can be kept with one forever, a beautiful rose and the bow, which adds a girly aspect to the piece.

    Another one I thought of is 'Precious sweetheart'

    xx Carina

  57. Fantastic giveaway, enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC.
    This necklace would be called: "Poesía" that it's Poetry, but I prefer the spanish word because it sounds very fitting for this necklace. I love it!
    Fingers crossed.

    Ana Belén R.M
    fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

  58. Enter me please:)
    I think a good name would be " All you need is love" as the most signifcant charm on it is the heart:)
    And, its a lovely song:)

  59. Hi Kate

    What about "rosy in love"?

    I follow you with


  60. Hey Kate :)
    I think a nice name for the necklace would be "Belle Rose Locket" because it's a beautiful rose locket, and everything sounds better in french!! <3
    thanks xx

  61. i also forgot to say i got the idea from: Little Bo Peep!

    as she is a dainty little girl and this is a dainty little necklace!

  62. Locket Of Love =) ox

  63. Congratulations Kate on 10000 subs :D and I think It should be called 'The FloBow Lock-it' xxxxxxxx

  64. Not sure if this posted the first time i didnt so MEGA apologise if this is my second time.

    Well done on the subscribers !! you totally deserve it!!!!

    AndI think it should be called " A Locket Full Of Roses"

    kinda like the a pocket full of posies. As you have the locket and the rose.

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  66. hiya, i like
    'her heart was made of gold'
    ima follower :D

  67. ummmm

    "Bows at first sight" ? as in love at first sight =]

  68. hi kate i love the blog and the channel
    i think the necklace should be called vintage
    beauty cause it as your style written all over it.
    thanks lol xoxo

  69. Hi Kate, how about "Your heart in my locket" or "I'll keep your heart in my locket" if it's not too long. Because I think lockets are always really romantic and sort of secretive like a secret love :)

  70. I'd love the necklace to be called 'twice in love' because it has two hearts on the main heart :) thank you xxx

  71. I apologise for my previous removed comments, and this yet another entry. I hope you dont mind, i just have so many name ideas for this lovely piece and to be honest, I cant make up my mind, so here are two more...

    'To Capture a Sweetheart, Necklace'
    'Flourishing Love, Necklace'

    xx Carina

  72. Hi! I came up with these names:

    I Heart You Necklace
    Hidden Power of the Heart Necklace

    Hope you like them!

  73. I think it should be called 'love hearts', really simple I know but that's all I could think of LOL!!

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  75. I think the necklace should be called 'Do you love me or my locket?'
    A spin on do you love me or my pocket?. Has a feisty ring to it but also very girly.

  76. *Engraved Love*


  77. Congrats on getting 10,000 subscribers;)you deserve it. ;D
    I think the necklace should be called, 'Its just love hearts and roses...its just me and you' <3 I thought of this name because it says what it is and also the locket has two heartd that could represent lovers.=)

  78. I Know Its Quite Late And You Might Not See This But I Think The Neclace Should Be Called
    'Love Me' As The Heart Represents Something To Do With Love ! :)

  79. And also I forgot to mention my email is princess453(at) :) x

  80. What a lovely piece! Darling really!
    It encompassing all things feminine and fashionable. So how about..

    "Femme Chic"

    Regardless of the name, this piece is simply adorable!


  81. Well done!
    I love your blog and website!!

    I think you should name the beautiful necklace
    "amour pour toujours cru" meaning - love forever vintage...or you could just call it "Love Forever Vintage" LOL!

  82. Congrats!

    My suggestions for the name are
    Sweetheart Necklace
    Gold Sweetheart
    Sweet Dolly's
    Dolly Sweatheart locket

    this is just what came to mind when i looked at the picture :)

  83. Hi Kate!
    Congrats on all your subscribers!
    My suggestion for the necklace name is
    "I heart Bow Bow"
    I think this is perfect because it represents the 10000 subscribers out there who obviously do love dolly bow bow and subbed!!
    (plus it has a heart and a bow!)
    Love Tabby xxxx

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. i forgot my email : :)

  86. I think 'Adoration' suits the necklace as I for one adore this piece and would adore whoever bought it for me.

  87. I think it should simply be could Juliet, after Romeo and Juliet and a rose by any other name etc.

  88. It's gorgeous and I think it should be called 'Love heart'.

  89. Hey,
    congradulations! I´m from Germany and my suggestion is "Liebe stands for Love". With the german word Liebe you are an bit international and Liebe/Love stands for the two hearts ;) I hope you understand me :D
    P.S. Great giveaway :)

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