Wednesday 21 September 2011

Your questions.... Answered!

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Hi Guys, 

Sorry this has taken me sooooo long to get back to doing! it's been a busy month and I have just now got the chance to sit down for an hour and answer them. I had a lot of questions from you guys here, and through twitter and emails too, and many questions were very similar, so I picked out the more popular ones and tried to answer as best I could. I picked out 15 questions, so here they are……

Q1 - How did you start Dolly Bow Bow?
A1 - So probably the most common question I get asked on a regular basis is how I started Dolly Bow Bow? After leaving 6th form and college where I studied performing arts, I had a bit of time on my hands, I didn't really know what I wanted to do, I'd always dreamt of being in musicals but I kind of lost my passion for it after school finished, probably cause I realised how bloody hard it is to ever get in to! Not that you should give up your dreams or passions of course, I suppose I just found a new one. 
      I could literally talk about this all day, and maybe at some point I should do a post dedicated to it, but to sum it up for you now. The first Dolly Bow Bow website launched in March 2010 when I was 19, it took me about 6 months to get everything up and running, from teaching myself how to make jewellery, designing the jewellery I wanted to sell, buying equipment  and learning how to build a website. but i'd had the idea for about a year before it was even started. 
I also get a lot of emails asking me for suppliers names, where do I get this from? and where do I get that from? etc. I probably sound like a real bitch but I don't feel it's right to ask any company that question (they won't tell you), it takes a lot of time, effort and research, finding out where to buy things, how to make things and how to sell things. But in a way, that's the best part. It's not rocket science but some serious hours and brain cells get used up!  So as much as I won't give up my sources for obvious reasons, I think that if creating your own business is something you are really set on doing, then discovering how to do it all by yourself is exciting. 

Q2 - What is your job?
A2 - I own dolly bow bow, the business is my full time job, It's been up and running for about 18 months now. Theres a lot that needs to be done each and every day so it keeps me pretty busy. However i've taught performing arts for kids at my local theatre for nearly 5 years now (if you can't do it, teach it huh?), I do this every saturday and I love it so much! the kids I teach are amazing so I wouldn't dream of giving it up!

Q3- What inspired you to start a blog/youtube channel and what are your tips?
A3 - I watched youtube videos on makeup and fashion like so many people do for probably about a year before I started my own, I've always been obsessed with fashion and beauty so I thought maybe I could have a go, it really is as simple as get a camera and film yourself, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just as long as your making a video about something you enjoy. The blog came later, and i'll be the first to admit i'm not the best at keeping it up to date, but this years has been soooo hectic!! haha, so I'm hoping to really put more effort into it very soon as I love making outfit posts. 

My tips would be....
  •  Don't do it if you only want hits and subscribers, they come later, the better your videos are, the better your viewership will be, but that's not the thing to focus on, just make videos about things you enjoy talking about, this will show in what you say and your body language etc, and in turn you'll make good videos. 
  • Know what your going to talk about, if someone talks really slowly, or is unsure what they are talking about, it puts me off watching a bit

  • Comment on others videos, if you like something they've done or shown then let them know, they'll be more inclined to check out your videos if they see you've taken an interest in what they've said rather than a comment just saying "please subscribe to me!"
  • Just be yourself, and make videos you would want to watch yourself!

Q4 -  When is the new dolly bow bow collection coming out?
A4 - VERY SOON! the website is in the process of having a revamp which is really exciting, I hope you'll all love it's new look. They'll be lots of new stuff for autumn/winter as well!. If all goes well it should be up at the end of this week, beginning of next week!

Q5 -  What are your favourite songs right now?
A5 -  I've got quite a few albums I listen to on repeat at the moment! I LOVE Ed Sheeran's album it's so amazing, beyonce's album, anything by Lady Gaga, although I think "You and I" is up there with my favourite songs of all time! Adele, 21, the most heart wrenching album ever but it's so beautiful. I'm not one of these people that knows all these obscure bands and is really "cool" when it comes to music, I've always just loved the kind of music that's in the charts and i'm proud of it! haha

Q6 - Favourite Perfume?
A6 - I wear Naughty Alice a lot, I got it for Christmas and love it, also D&G 3 L'Impératrice is one of my favourites, it's much lighter and really fresh. The two on my wish list right now are Elie Saab and Chanel en tendre, there both beautiful so I may have to treat myself to one!

Q7 - Favorite book?
A7 - and the moment i'm reading pretty little liars, i'm on the 5th one and i'm a bit obsessed, i'm probably really behind the times with reading it but since I got my kindle i've just been reading the whole series. I'm such a girlie girl when it comes to books, I've read all the Katie Price ones (which are surprisingly good!), and Lauren Conrad's LA candy Series. So yeah nothing too taxing! haha, but I did read the hunger games trilogy, and being a girl that never read HarryPotter or Lord of the Rings, I have to say I loved it! and can't wait for the films now!

Q8 - if you could leave the house with three makeup items on what would they be?
A8 - Hmmm good question, it would have to be, some kind of foundation or tinted moisturiser, my skins still a bit red and marked from acne scars when I was younger, so would hate to go out bare faced! I think second would be mascara, my eyelashes are pretty much blonde so when I don't have it on, my eyes look weird!! haha and the last one, i'm going to cheat cause I can't decide! either lipstick to add a pop of colour, or blusher, so I don't look washed out without lipstick!

Q9 - What are your pet peeves?
A9 - umm, I think if someones feet smell? haha, that annoys me, or if someone picks their nose! erghh. I'm trying to think of moreeee. Ohh when people correct you over the tinniest thing! that really annoys me, it's like, "was that really necessary? was it impacting on your life so much you felt you needed to correct me?" lol 

Q10 - Whats your favourite high street store?
A10 - lol well as you know i'm a big primark fan!! lol I like topshop but I do find it a bit over priced, sometimes though theres something in Topshop that's like "I must have this!". Apart from those, I LOOOVVVEE H&M it's reasonably priced and I think they have some amazing pieces, especially at the moment! I also love Zara, New Look and Urban Outfitters!

Q11 - Who is your style Icon?
A11 - That's a hard one, because theres not really one person I look to for inspiration, I tend to find inspiration from other blogs and people. I love street fashion and seeing what people put together on a day to day basis, and is amazing for fashion inspiration. I also love looking through the fashion magazines, different celebs inspire me, but it depends on what there wearing not who they are if that makes sense? so it could be someone different every week!

Q12 - When did you first become interested in fashion?
A12 - I was probably about, 14? i'm not sure when my obsessions for wanting toys and things stopped and when my love of fashion started! I remember one christmas, I was about 14 and I got a pink Burberry quilted coat and pink timberland boots!! I loved them sooooo much and was so proud to wear them! so probably from then!

Q13 - Where are you from?
A13 - I get asked this all the time! people guess either London, or more commonly Essex. lol it's neither! and I don't really think I want to say, but it's pretty close, lets just say i'm in the middle!

Q14 - How did you come up without the name Dolly Bow Bow?
A14 - It just came to me one day! I was trying to think of a name for the website that was a bit girlie but unique and different, I came up with all these different ideas and when I told everyone it was going to be dolly bow bow they just looked at me like "what?" but it stuck, it felt right!

Q15 - Favourite Beauty products right now?
A15 -  I am LOVING Garnier's new BB cream, I think it's a bit love/hate with some people, but I really like it so might do a blog post or video on it soon. I'm loving bright lips at the moment as well, I love Sleek's papaya punch, it's this gorgeous coral red, I also just got revlon kiss me coral and revlon stormy pink which is a gorgeous pink that I can't even describe! I love cover girl lash blast  mascara and need to get my hands on some more cause mines ran out and we don't get it in the UK!

I hope this little Q & A was ok! it's pretty long so well done if you got to this part!! thanks for all your questions, I loved answering them.

Loadsa love!



  1. I've been waiting for your responses :) Great read x

  2. Thanks for the Q&A :) I really love your blog and Dolly Bow Bow, can't wait for the new collection! xxx

  3. Such great questions, and I love the history behind Dolly Bow Bow :).


  4. Aw its not a bitch at all for not wanting to tell how you start off your business or where you get your stuff from. I guess you worked hard on it and it would be unfair for you to give out quick resources for people who just want to do it just becus. I think you have worked really hard to where you want to be so its ok to be secretive about how you started :)

  5. i just came across your blog and i absolutely love it :)
    ahh i'll definately be checking back more often!
    take care!


  6. Great post, lovely to hear about the history of dolly bow bow. Can't wait for the new collection! :)
    Lucy xxx

  7. Great Post, I really enjoyed reading it :) x x

  8. great post, its nice to share a bit bout yourself to your readers.definitely following your blog, if you could follow mine sometime itd be nice to read your posts and opinions x

  9. I just discovered your blog and I am in love with your hair. You're gorgeous! x

  10. Lovely post, i enjoyed reading it. =). I am a huge fan of Dolly Bow Bow...would love to read a post about it! I was in the same position as you when I left 6th form...I studied performing arts cause that's all i'd ever wanted to do but then I lost my passion. Funny how things change. =) xXx

  11. loved your outfit and your posts so much xxx

    keep blogging please xxx

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  13. Thank you for answer my questions. You are Amazing!!

  14. Thank you for answering my questions! I've just read my questions back and it sounds like I'm asking for your suppliers name because I have mention my interest in starting up my own site. Sorry if you felt that this is what I was asking, I would never do that. Thank you for answering my questions again! I think you blog, videos and website is great xxx

  15. i love your blog so much, your style is amazing and i love dolly bow bow :) can't wait to stick some money in my account so i can buy some stuff! x

  16. Awhhhhhh thank you so much for answering my question, funnily enough my favourite high street store is also H&M, ;) xx

  17. Your Fabulous!!! Love this Blog!!!

    Now Following! Check my Blog out sometime -

    LoveFaye xoxo

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    I'm a new at Bloging, so please give me a head start at me Blog here
    I hope you can join on my followers, and give me tips!

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    Get well soon kateX

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  21. love your blog.. please update it regularly hehe :)

  22. I loved reading this! You are sooo honest and down to earth. The fact that you changed your path at the time when people often say 'it's too late to go back now' has also inspired me! xx


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