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Liz Earle: Winter Revival Collection

Well Santa, I've been a bit naughty, you see I asked for some Liz Earle products for Christmas this year, but I seem to already have them already?? how did that happen???

Haha, ok, so my lovely Mama ordered me this fantastic collection of Liz Earle products from QVC a few weeks ago and I begged her to let me have them early so I could try them out and review them for you guys! luckily she said yes so I may even do a video too as I really do love them!

Liz Earle have put together a winter revival collection to use as a 8 step everyday routine to help "shield your skin and hair against the harsh winter elements" which I thought was a great idea. You get a booklet with information about each product which of course also explains which natural ingredients have been put into each one.

The thing I liked most about the set was that there was a wide variety of products included, from shampoo and conditioner, to body products, as well as my much loved cleanse and polish and skin repair moisturiser.
 Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser  Instant Boost Tonic   Skin Repair Moisturiser

These are my 3 favourite products in the collection, I have loved Cleanse & Polish (which also came with 2 muslin cloths) for a long time, and have had a travel sized skin repair moisturiser, but never really used the 3 together as a daily skin care routine, this is what I have now started doing and I LOVE it. The natural ingredients are a real plus point. and every product smells clean and fresh, not chemically as some skin care products do. This collection came with moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin (being the winter revival kit and all!) which is great for my skin at this time of the year, but is also available in normal/combination skin and combination/oily skin at Liz Earle counters. Both other products are for all skin types.

Once I have been using these products for a while longer I'll do a separate, more in depth review!

• Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion    Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

The eyebright soothing eye lotion is great for waking up tired or puffy eyes, you simply apply it with a cotton wool pad and wipe it over the eyes, it's really soothing and refreshing!

I absolutely love the intensive nourishing treatment mask, it helps to hydrate the skin so probably not the best product for anyone prone to oily skin, but if, like me in the winter months your skin tends to dry out more, simply apply this all over the face and leave on for 10-15 minutes. After just wipe off with a muslin cloth and warm water.
• Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash  • Nourishing Botanical Body Cream 

If they weren't included in this collection, then body products would probably be something I would never of tried from Liz Earle. In this set were 2 travel sized products which again I enjoyed using. When it comes to body wash's and body cream's scent is everything to me, that's probably why I love companies like LUSH so much as the scents are pretty overpowering and I like them to last on the skin, If I smell something fruity or sweet I can't help but buy it! So these products would defiantly suit someone who favours a natural, fresh scent to their body wash's and cream's.

They both smell absolutely beautiful though, especially the Orange Flower body wash which lavers really nicely. I also enjoyed using the body cream as well as it was surprisingly light and sank into my skin really quickly. 

• Botanical Shine Shampoo    Botanical Shine Conditioner  

When I first opened this I have to say I was slightly miffed at the 50 ml conditioner compared the to full sized 200ml shampoo, with my length hair i'll probably get through the conditioner in a few uses, and just think it'll be a bit hard to truly say if I like using the products together as the conditoner will no doubt run out before the shampoo. Again as you'll expect the secent is very natural and organic,  with a slight fruitly scent as they both include apple and orange extracts.

I think I need a little longer to see if I would choose these over other shampoo & conditioner combos that I love, But the shampoo left my hair feeling really clean and fresh, and even from one use I feel as though the conditioner made my hair shiny and managable. (I have the normal hair conditioner but this is also available in, dry/damaged and fine/oily hair.)

All in all I really like the Liz Earle Winter Revival Collection, Some of the products are full sized, whilst others are the travel sized versions, which is a nice way try each product out before commiting to a full sized version, and at £46.20 for the set I think your getting a pretty good deal! (not meaning to sound to QVC presenter-ish there!) As I said, I will continue to test these products and if any ones interested, I'll review a few of my faves in more detail in the future!

Liz Earle Products are available from their website, and  the QVC shopping channel, as well as QVC online and of course at Liz Earle counters in John Lewis department stores.


  1. Always been a huge Liz lover! Recently bought the full size shampoo and conditioner after trying a sample and absolutely love them! That is an amazing deal :-) x

  2. Liz Earle is on my christmas list too! I keep trying to snoop around and see if my parents have got me any but no luck so far! I want the toner and hot cloth cleanser so much!
    I'm so envious!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Oh I really want to try Liz Earle! Im using up my Decleor products at the moment but afterwards ill definitely be trying the cleanse and polish. This kit looks fab and great value for money xxx

  4. omg hang on a second, you're telling me all of those products were £46! Omg that's amazing! I was watching Liz Earle on QVC for a whole hour the other day but I never spotted this! This is such good value for money because you get to try everything out! I've been wanting to try the Liz Earle hair and body products for such a long time now! I'm gonna see if they have this online!! Great post! xx

  5. I need these products!
    My skin and hair suffer so much over the winter months :(

    Frances x

  6. i've never tried a liz earle product and have always heard good things about them but i've never known which product to start with so i think this whole kit looks great and i will definitely be asking for it for christmas! thanks for the heads up kate :) X

  7. Im trying out their cleanse and polish at the moment, so so impressed with it. Great post!

  8. great post xx

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  9. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  10. wow! just look at all these Liz Earl products!
    so lucky!

  11. I absolutely love your blog!
    Please follow <3


  12. what do you use for the background for these photos? It's really pretty xx

  13. I was wondering whether to buy the Liz Earle products but I think you have convinced me! Thanks for sharing & I can't wait for the review video! ~x

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