Friday, 30 October 2015

Interiors - Dining Room

Interior design has always been one of my passions. When I was a child, I was always drawing house plans and sketching pictures of my dream home. So when I moved out with Rikki 3 years ago, I couldn't wait to have a space to decorate and add my own personal touches too.

Back then, I was still very into pink, girly, flowery things but luckily I have a very laid back Fiancé who's more than happy to let me take control of the creative reins when it comes to home decor! Now 3 years on, and 2 house moves later, I'm quite happy with the way the style of our home and furniture has evolved. It still has plenty of feminine touches, (It wouldn't feel right without vases of flowers and an abundance of candles about the place, but it's also taken on a more grown up vibe and one which I feel really suits the stage of our lives now.

 We've had a little change around in this room lately and I love it! So I thought, as i'm always getting questions about our house, I would start by doing a little tour of one of my favourite rooms. The Dinging Room.
First of all, my favourite thing in the room right now has to be our white pumpkins. We got them from Hoo Farm as they have pick your own pumpkin fields (seen in our vlog here). I think there's just something so whimsical and fairytale like about them. I'll be sad to see them go! I had planed to add a lot of Autumn Decor into this room, but time just seems to have flown by and now i'm already thinking of Christmas decorations. Our candlesticks were from ASDA quite a while ago now and I think I also picked the vase up from there too. The flowers were actually from the arrangement my Nan made for us after we had Archie, but i've since taken the blue flowers out.

I love our table, we got it from eBay last year (i'll try and link to the seller here) and the chairs were from IKEA, although these are one of the only things I want to change in this room. I made the artwork myself with some samples of book wallpaper from B&Q, and a washed, rustic, wooden frame from The Range I was so pleased with how it turned out, and I think it really makes the room.

I haven't posted many photos of our little Miley bear for a while, but she's still very much the boss of this house, well, maybe slightly below one certain little boy these days! She loves to spend her days relaxing, usually under the table or whatever chair i'm sitting at to work if she can't get on my lap.
We got this picture from The Range last year when we first started to decorate this room. I loved the idea of having these house rules up as I think that's a pretty good list for a family to live by, (even if we sometimes forget it's there.) I got the tall boy/drawer unit from TK Maxx. It was lime green so that was swiftly painted white. The lamp is from The Range and the calendar blocks are from Homebase. The candle is Madagascan Vanilla and is from Sainsburys.
One of my favourite things about the room now it's been changed round a bit is that our chair is on full display. My Dad's a carpenter and he makes such beautiful things. Whilst I was browsing Pinterest last year, I saw so many gorgeous dining rooms with sofa style chairs or benches at them and they looked so cosy! So he made this for us and I couldn't have been happier with it. but It was always so hidden being behind the table. Now it's taking pride of place and is much more accessible for people to sit at. And if we ever have lots of people over for dinner, it can be moved back over to the table, so win win!

The cushion is from Debenhams and the throw is from Primark. The mirror above is quite old and I believe we got it from Homesense. They always have mirrors like this in store, this one was cream so I painted it white.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing this little area of our home. Let me know if you'd like more posts like this one. I'm in the process of planning a bedroom makeover, so I'll definitely be showing that once it's done.

Love Kate x



  1. That room looks pretty awesome! I would definitely love to see more of your little paradise. :)

    -xx, Carina

  2. Aww i love this room Kate. Interior design is also my passion and we have just moved house mind is going mad with new ideas and designs!! Love your blog and your channel so much! :) Sophie xoxo

  3. I love your sense of style. Even though it's not pink, it's still really feminine! I love the white pumpkins too, it's a shame they won't last forever! Love watching your videos too!
    Emma xxx

  4. you have a beautiful place kate.

  5. well...i love everything :)

  6. I've always loved your video backgrounds, from the very first time I started watching your videos! The pumpkins are the cutest! The throw is really pretty - as is everything else to be honest :P

    Julia xx
    | |

  7. love your taste when it comes to homeware Kate!

  8. Your dining room looks so cute and cosy!
    Kate x

  9. Beautiful Kate I love your house its very Nordic xx

  10. So pretty! You keep such a lovely home Kate :) xxx

  11. I love the colours of the blanket, so pretty! :) x

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