Friday, 24 June 2016

We'll keep you safe, you keep us wild...

Toddlers are like a riddle that's impossible to solve. Just when you think you've got it sussed and are doing quite well at this parenting thing, they throw you another curveball that changes everything. Archie is about to turn 22 months but I feel like the terrible two's are already knocking at our door!
But on a recent trip to the park, as I watched my little whirlwind run ahead without a care in the world, I suddenly realised that this moment, right here and now might be one of the happiest of our lives.

In the mist of a meltdown because he wants the other half of the biscuit instead of the identical half you gave him, or because you're not letting him throw himself off the dining room table, it's easy to get down and dream of the day you have a slightly more rational little human to reason with, but I know all too well how fleeting these days are. He's only little for such a short amount of time and one day we will look back on this with fondness and smile at the memories of the way he once was, and wish for these days back, so I try and remember this during the more challenging moments.
Floral Shirt - River Island
Fringed Sandals - River Island
We haven't had the best weather recently, (that's the great British summer for you,) but on this particular morning, the sun was shining, so when Archie announced that he wanted to put his 'shoes on' (his way of saying, I want to go out Mum!) I was happy to oblige and so we made the short car journey to his favourite park.

He is definitely a wild one, he loves to find the biggest slide in the park and launch himself down it which scares the life out of me. He definitely gets his fearlessness from his Dad! He also loves water and would run in and out of the water jets and fountains all day if we let him.
 His little outfit is so adorable! I love the contrast of the monochrome shirt and the bright pop of colour from the red shorts. The little red plimsoles are really easy to slip on his feet and because they're so light he can run around in them all day! River Island do some of the most on trend kids wear available on the high street and I love dressing Archie is their pieces. The mini range is available in sizes 0-5 and the kids range is age 5-12 which I love as they don't leave the littlest ones out!
22 Month Update:

At 22 months I feel as though he's learning so many new things everyday, and he often surprises me with things that I didn't even realise he knew! He's still currently a really great eater, and there isn't much he'll turn down.

One of the biggest changes since I last updated you is his sleeping. Luckily he's still going to sleep really well, but he now gets up anywhere between 5:30am - 7:00am which is a huge change for us and it's still taking us a while to adjust to it. We were pretty spoilt with a baby who got up at 8:00am everyday so I think It's pay back time!

He's talking lots now and making his wants and needs known! I'm not sure exactly how many words he can say but his vocabulary is growing rapidly. He'll sometimes speak in 2-3 word sentences, often things like, 'Mummy up' or 'Daddy shoes on' but it's still mainly a word to tell us what he wants to do.

He seems to have been teething for quite a while now, with his four incisors coming through in one go which isn't very nice for him! I'm hoping that's what's contributing to the meltdowns at the moment but you can never quite tell!

Some of his favourite things at 22 months are:

Peppa Pig (but mainly George)
tea parties
sitting in the drivers seat of the car
playing in the park
Jumping off the sofa
brushing his teeth
saying his name!
Cookie Monster and Elmo (Cookie & Mo Mo)
Mr Bloom

One thing's for sure, he keeps us on our toes and we couldn't imagine life without him now... 

...Stay wild baby boy...

Thanks to River Island for working with us on this post


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's almost two already! It hardly seems so long ago I was watching all your updates on youtube. He is such a little cutie.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  2. These photos are so beautiful. Amazing post.

    Abigail Alice x

  3. Such a beautiful post and images! He is the cutest :)

  4. archie is literally the cutest little boy. i remember watching your video announcing your pregnancy and now he is already a little man. time flies.

  5. Archie is adorable!! I also love your outfit in this post!

  6. This is cute xx

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