Sunday, 5 September 2010

What a stil-a!

Ok so maybe not the most clever of titles, but I just had to share with you my amazing "steal" of Stila Cosmetics I recently got. I was browsing through my local TKmaxx when I came across these beauties thrown to the back of one of their beauty and haircare shelves.
Stila is a brand which I don't usually venture into, but i've heard such good things about their products, and at such discounted prices I just had to give them a go.
So heres what I got:

Stila Sheer Color SPF15 Tinted Moisturizer - Warm

I Really like this, It's unusual in the fact that it feels quite thick when you first apply it to the face but it then blends out to a (as the name suggests) sheer coverage, so it's good for those days when you don't feel like applying foundation but you just want a quick touch of colour and coverage.

I got it in "warm" as the only other colour option was almost white, I realise it looks about 10 shades to dark in this swatch but that's partly to do with the lighting. It blends out into a pretty nice colour. The Stila tinted moisturizer's retial at £22, I got mine for £4.99 Bargain!!

4 Eye shadow pans in Viola top L, Cloud top R, Hint Bottom L and Barefoot Contessa Bottom R

I was really excited to see lots of eye shadow pans, although the colours were all very similar (warm berry tones and lighter silvery hues,) I didn't really mind, as they're the sort of colours I go for. These were the 4 I picked out and i'm really pleased with them, their fab quality and I love that their all fairly matte with only a touch of shimmer, and "hint" is totally matte which would provide a nice, flat base.

They all came nicely packaged and wrapped, and none were cracked or damaged. And for £2.99 each, down from their RRP of £11 a pop, I'm very Pleased!!

If only there was a cute Stila compact Quad to put my new eyeshadows in?..... There was!! :D

Stila 4 pan Compact

I was so pleased to find this compact siting on one of the shelves, The bases are magnetised so the shadows stick straight in and don't fall out. I was wondering what to do with the 3 eye shadows i'd picked out and where I could store them. Then I saw this, immediately grabbed another shadow and was a very happy bunny! (is it sad to be happy about makeup??... oh well!) The compact was £3.99 down from £12 which is another great save.

It was so fun finding these, it was like finding treasure!! if your not near a TKmaxx look online for cheaper Stila Cosmetics too!

Love Kate x



  1. Wow that really is a steal!! I never find anything in TK Maxx I guess it really is hit or miss!!! The quad looks fab!!


  2. That's a brilliant bargain! I never find anything good in my local TKMaxx :(

  3. Bargain....congrats .Like Hint Bottom

  4. you are so cute (:
    i've watched your videos on youtube and i love it.
    i love your accent and you are so beautiful (:

  5. I love TK Maxx, you can get excellent buys in there. :)


  6. i love this post, and what a steal!!!
    Im reallr happy for you!


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  8. love stilla!

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