Sunday, 10 October 2010

All I want for Christmas is.....

Lush!!!!!! :D (oh and for Halloween to!)
I think the pictures say it all, and the website is a lot better at explaining about the thinking behind each of the products etc, But Heres some pictures of some new holiday Lush Products that I am just to excited about trying!!!

First Let's start with Halloween ( it's only October after all!!)
This year, they have based their Halloween products on the Mexican holiday; Día de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead).

Lady Catrina Soap £2.95 100g

Callacas Shower Jelly £2.95 ( comes in yellow, green and orange)

Calavera £2.95 Ballistic

Now on to the Christmas goodies!

The Boog £2.25/90g Ballistic
This was in my latest lush haul! I love it, it smells amazing and I can't wait to try it!

Lip Dip Lip Scrub £4.50/25g
The've used sherbet (well finely granulated sugar) in this newly formulated lip scrub so it's softer on the lips than the previous scrubs and makes your lips tingle!

Bearded Lady Bubble bar £2.50/100g
"Fresh avocados, bananas, and jojoba and almond oils"

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar £2.45/100g

Once A Year Massage Bar £3.95/60g

Snow Fairy Tinted Lip Tint £3.95/10g
Snow fairy is back this year in yet another new form, this gorgeous bright pink lip tint adds a subtle touch of colour to the lips, or can be built up to a bright, bolder colour.

Snow Globe Soap £1.95/100g

Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub £1.95/100g

Plus theres lots of favourites back from last year, including Angels Delight Soap (in a gorgeous new design), Satsumo Santa Ballistic, Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Snow Fairy Shower Gel and much much more! and that's not even mentioning all the fabulous gifts on offer this year!!!
So with so much to choose from, i'm off to decide on what I'll be putting on my christmas list this year, (even though it is only October!) What about you??

Kate x


  1. I think I'm going to get the '12 Days Of Christmas' gift as it has pretty much all the holiday products I want in it. Plus it comes in a cute box which I can re-use. x

  2. I have a list as long as my arm.... I will prob get everything :-)

  3. I want so many things this Christmas - I really want to try the Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub and get another bottle of Snow Fairy :)

  4. snow fairy is my favourite! that lip tint looks so so nice! i'm going to have to start writing things down for when i next go to Lush! :)

  5. i just picked up a bunch of stuff :) trying very hard not to have a bath every night and use it all up in one week! x

  6. Hi, I love your blog! you have really great posts,
    and I enjoy reading each of them!

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    xoxo Shelly

  7. I fancy the Gingerbread House Bubble Bar - I loooove the smell of ginger (I'm presuming that's what it smells of?) Also the Snow Globe soap looks cool!

  8. ive never bought bath ballistics or soap etc. from lush, just the skin stuff in tubs. am i supposed to serve myself by putting it in the paper bags or do i wait for someone to help me?!


  9. Hey, I love your blog! I don't have many followers yet, and I'd really appreciate if you could follow me! I could follow you back...


  10. ahhhhh im so obsessed with lush! Just done a haul video on the lush xmas stuff which felt weird in early october. check out what i got if you like :)

  11. i'm really loving the christmas stuff. Theres not a lot of halloween stuff, don't know if they'll bring anything else out but I really want the calacas jellies and the lady catrina soap looks so nice.
    I can't wait to go to lush again.


  12. This post really puts me in the mood for Christmas! Both my mum and my boyfriend have asked what I would like for Christmas, I just gave them a firm shove towards the Lush store (okay, not really, but desperate times...)

    Great post :)


  13. There is lots in store that i want for Christmas, I was just treated to (this past weekend) a snow fairy lip tint, Orange Callacas shower jelly (the smell last on your skin for AGES!!), some Eau-Roma Water, The Godmother soap and as much as i am trying to resist the Christmas bath stock an Satsumo Santa :0) I think Twilight and The Boogg are next on my list :0) xx

  14. I think its great that you also included halloween too!

  15. I love lush christmas! If anyones interested I do lush reviews of my blog with a big focus on Christmas stuffs, so would appreciate if people had a gander:)

  16. Have to agree with you on this haha. I love lush during christmas there are so so many great products on offer, not to mention the Snowfairy shower gel *my favourite*

    I just found your blog linked on your youtube. I just wanted to say you are by far my favourite guru on youtube. Im so happy you have a blog, its wonderful!

    xx Carina

  17. Sweet post, I love Lush, but dont have a tub anymore so feels like a waste as I loved the bathbombs when I had one. might try the lipscrub once this awful cold sore is gone... Don't forget to check my blog as well

  18. Love Lush!
    I've seen a few Lush haul vids but yours are deffs one of my favourites! :D I live in Canada and the store nearby my house had this deal where if i spent $45 and over on lush stuff I'd get a pack of their christmas goodies and a couple of them are mentioned in your blog and vlog (candy cane bubble bar and the sugar plum fairy scrub).
    I love their vanilla and jasmine infused products! I gotta check out their lip scrubs. They sound so tempting!


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