Tuesday 3 March 2015

My Liz Earle Signature Facial Experience

I recently took a little trip to one of my favourite parts of London, Chelsea. It's somewhere I always enjoy being as I love the atmosphere of the place. There tucked away in Duke of York Square, across from the Saatchi Gallery and an impressive Zara and Zara Home is a skincare lovers dream. A big, beautiful Liz Earle store, filled with everything you could ever need to sort out your skin woes.

It really is lovely and I could have spent all day browsing through all of the lotions and potions that line the shelves. I was however there for a very exciting reason, to try out Liz Earle's signature facial with skin care genius Abigail James. Abigail is one of the UK's leading facialists, and as a brand ambassador for Liz Earle, she certainly knows here stuff!

I was first asked to fill out a form which included questions about my skin type, medical history, diet and general skin concerns, before being introduced to Abigail and heading to her newly refurbished treatment room which was like a little piece of Morocco in South West London. It was such a relaxing space, with soft lighting, beautiful soft furnishings and the coolest copper sink i've ever seen, not to mention the vast array of products ready and waiting to be used.

After being introduced, Abigail and I sat down for a skin consultation where we discussed many aspects of my current skincare routine and what my main concerns were. I suffered with severe acne as a teen and never had the confidence to show anyone my face without makeup. Even now I still feel a little embarrassed about it but Abigail really put me at ease and gave me a few tips I could incorporate into my current routine.

After that Abigail began the facial. She started with, of course a Cleanse and Polish to remove any makeup and impurities from my face. I have been using this everyday for quite a few months now so I know how much my skins loves it. After a few more steps, Abigail did a some extractions, especially on my nose area where the pores were slightly clogged. This wasn't the most pleasant part of the treatment, but my god my nose had never felt so smooth after! I then had a series of face masks applied, my favourite of which was the Deep Cleansing Mask which contains naturally active ingredients such as green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose scented geranium. The mask applies like a gel and it's so soothing and relaxing I think I almost fell asleep! Other parts of my treatment included a facial massage with The Superskin Concentrate and finished with the Superskin Moisturiser with natural neroli, both of which are amazing for dry or dehydrated skin. 

Liz Earle have created an incredibly relaxing experience for all the senses, the clam and luxurious treatment rooms, the gentle sound of tranquil music and probably the most delicious blend of scents i've ever smelt in one place. I think i'll have to book another treatment pretty soon!

I left feeling very clam and peaceful, which for me is a rarity let me tell you! I think everyone should treat themselves or a loved one to an experience like this every once in a while, because I feel like it's not on good for your skin, but it also benefits your overall wellbeing, and in times of stress I can conjure up the memories of being totally relaxed and it instantly clams me down.

I will also take away some fabulous tips from Abigail James. I will be scrubbing my face a little more often and will also be trying the facial massage techniques at home to help drain impurities from my skin. I was so pleased with the way my skin looked and felt after the treatment and I'm determined to keep it that way!

 You can find out more about the products that we used and the Liz Earle Signature Facial here.

Love Kate x

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  1. You look like you really enjoyed yourself! Also, love your outfit in the photo above! Those boots are adorable!


    1. Aww thank you! I really did enjoy it. x

    2. Can anyone tell me where the boots are from? Please ❤️

  2. Ooooo looks and sounds so lovely. Liz Earl products are great :) xo


    1. I'm pretty much obsessed with them I can't lie, my skin seems to really love everything by Liz Earle x

  3. Oh my word! I just discovered Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and am now slowly becoming obsessed with her stuff. This experience looks INCREDIBLE! I would love to have one of these some day

    1. I LOVE The Cleanse and Polish, used it for years! x

  4. I'd love to have a treatment like this as well, right now!
    It looks so relaxing and somehow peaceful ^.^


  5. I few years ago I treated my Mum to one of their packages which I think involved a facial and massage and she totally loved it. Your experience sounds lovely and has made me really want to find somewhere near me for a good facial as I think my skin could really benefit from it!

    She's So Lucy

  6. Love the blog hun such a good read keep up the good work 💕 also where are your boots from? They're gorgeous! Or does anyone else know? I've been looking everywhere 😩 thanks! ❤️

    1. Aww thank you! My boots are from Linzi Shoes :) x

  7. That must have been such a relaxing experience!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  8. That looks so incredibly relaxing! Wish we had one of these in Dublin!


  9. Ahh I love Liz Earle products but I didn't realise they had a store and you could get facials here too.
    It looks amazing by the way.
    Kirsty x

  10. Love your blogs Kate, your such an inspiration to me I've been watching your videos for so long!
    Please check out my blog, only just started but enjoying it so much already!

    Amelia x

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