Friday 3 July 2015

Scunci Insta Twist

When it comes to my hair, I can be quite lazy with styling it. I'm very guilty of simply brushing it before I head out of the door, with no further thought to how I could make it look that little bit more interesting. I've never been very good at braids or fishtail plaits, much to my dismay as they can look so pretty, alas, they are just to fiddly for my little hands! However, when I was recently introduced to the Insta Twist by Scunci, we became instant BFF's!

This clever little contraption helps you to create perfect twists which you can incorporate into endless hairstyles. I was a little sceptical at first after tying similar looking braiding tools when I was a child, none of which I had any success with, so I was kind of expecting this to just tangle my hair up to be honest! But no, even on my first go it miraculously worked.

Curious as to how it works? well i'll tell you! You simply take a section of hair (this can be large or small) and split it into two. Then you clamp each section under the red clips on either side. You then press the button upwards which individually twists the 2 sections. Then simply push the button downwards to twists the 2 pieces of hair together in the opposite direction.

As I mentioned before, I am useless at plaits and braids, so I have tried to do twists like this before by hand, but the twists always seem to unravel. This manages to keep everything held neatly together, so you can just secure it with a clear band or hair grips.

Another thing I love about this product is it's battery operated, so would be great to take to festivals or on holiday this summer and create some beautiful boho styles on you and your friends. And it's kind to your hair as it's completely heat free!

The Scunci Insta Twist is available at Superdrug and costs £29.99. Also check out their You Tube channel where they demonstrate how to create some awesome styles including milk maid braids and fishtail twists! I can't wait to try out some more styles, All I need now is a festival to go to!...

Have you tried the Insta Twist yet? What styles would you create with it?

Love Kate x

* This post is very kindly sponsored by Scunci. However all opinions are 100& honest and my own.


  1. I love the insta twist-I did a blog post on it too a few days ago and I was so happy with how quick and easy it is to use. It just changes up your hair a little bit without making too much time or effort, which I don't have the time for when I'm heading to work etc. Em x

  2. Wow, I might have to get myself one of those!
    - Emily from ♡

  3. Wow, I might have to get myself one of those!
    - Emily from ♡

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  5. This is so cute!! And such a good tool! I think I need one.

    Nicky | Zeeb Likes It

  6. Oh wow, I haven't heard of these but thinking of getting one now. Your hair is so pretty! x

  7. Oh my god this is amazing! I'd love to try this - I'd try recreating Daenery's hair from game of Thrones haha.

    Check out my MAC Lipliner x3 giveaway!

  8. This seems so cool and I feel like it would be great for my hair.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  9. This looks like a great contraption
    L x

  10. OOOOH THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! Lovely review, - feel free to check out my blog:)xxxx

  11. This is such an intriguing gadget! I'm sure you could style loads of hippie-inspired looks with it ☺

  12. Very handy for holidays as you mentioned and would remind me to actually do something with my hair!

  13. I really want to try this out !

  14. Oh wow I remember having a Barbie back in the day that came with a miniature one of these, Im so old! lol

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