Sunday, 29 August 2010

NYX Cosmetics: A little haul/review

I've always liked the look of NYX cosmetics, and their array of colours is stunning. So I decided to try and get my hands on some, and as we all know in the UK it's not easily found in boots or Superdrug.
So I came across the site It's a uk site which sells a number of different brands, including benefit, MAC and of course NYX. Heres what I got:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

From L to R: Yogurt, Iced Mocha, French Fires, Milk & Oyster


Top to Bottom: French Fries, iced Mocha, Oyster, Yogurt & Milk

These work great as a base for your eyeshadows, they really make the shadows pop, I also like to wear them on their own for a quick touch of colour. I love the colours I chose! I'm a neutrals kind of girl so My faves are definitely iced mocha and yogurt, French fries is quite dark but looks lovely blended out. Milk is a must have for highlight and inner corner colour to make your eyes look fresh and awake, The only one i'm not as keen on is Oyster, I thought it would be a more pinkish colour (from the website swatches, which to be honest aren't brilliant) but again it's gorgeous and shimmery! Their so creamy and go on really well so a big thumbs up for the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils from me! and their £1.95 each, bargain!

Lip Sticks:

From L to R: Christie, Georgia & Jupiter

Top to Bottom: Georgia, Jupiter & Christie

Beautiful (but very similar) Colours, I love pale, pretty, pink lip colours, and I have to say again, they looked lighter on the website swatches than in real life, but that's a risk with many cosmetics you buy online. My favourite has to be Jupiter (I changed my mind since the video!) Georgia is a bit dark for me although I do like it, and christie is just a gorgeous colour. All of the colours I got were shimmery, I prefer a more matte finish but these are so moisturising and sometimes matte lipsticks can be very drying. I think these were about £2.95 each so a great price point as well!


Lala (left) Sweet heart (right)

Sweet heart (top), Lala (bottom)

Again, lovely colours, Sweet heart is so my sort of colour! and their both really pigmented. Lala is a lot brighter than I was expecting, I like it but it's definitely not an everyday colour, not for me anyway. The go on really smooth and they smell amazing, sort of like sour cherries!

So in conclusion, I'm really happy with what I got, (but very jealous of all the colours on: as we Brits can't order from there, although if you can, I would definitely recommend it as their array of colours is amazing). But if like me your in the UK, heres a few sites to try out.

Also if you haven't already see it and you would like to hear me talk about it all over again! heres my latest video on NYX cosmetics:

Love Kate x



  1. Will defo have to try these!!! please follow my blog


  2. I ordered the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk cos of your review/website finding haha! I wanted one of the lipglosses but i only have a tenner and got something from Dolly Bow Bow too haha x

  3. Wow! great haul! I am starting to try NYX products and so far, so good. I think you have chosen great shades!
    New follower here! XOXO

  4. I have a bunch of the jumbo pencils, but I need to use them more, the colors are so pretty! Btw, I just found your blog. "Beauty is an Obsession" (audrey) did a post and mentioned you. Glad I clicked the link :)

  5. I'm just deciding whether or not to put in an order from an American company, there's so much NYX stuff that I want!
    I just discovered your blog/youtube and I think they're both fab, you're stunning!
    Definately a fan :)

    Lauren ♥

  6. I love nyx jumbo pencils!!


  7. thought you all might like to know there is now an english NYX web site!
    it's completely real NYX fave confirmed it for me! they're really lovely people!
    so we can all buy NYX in the uk now! from an english website so you don't have to order from america or any other website your unsure about, cause we have the real thing now ;)

    check out my blog!


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