Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday Feeling - Cold!

Snow. I don't know what it is about it but it turns you into an 8 year old again!, it's so beautiful and instantly makes you feel so festive and Christmasy! We don't often get snow here in the months before Christmas, usually the odd week in January but the year the cold snap started early! 

No that's not Narnia, that's the view from outside my window!

Yes, it's beautiful but the disruption it's causing! i'm finding it almost impossible to get my orders out, and no deliveries are coming in, so pretty much the worst situation we could be in, what with the christmas rush!
I have faith though, that it will all work out ok, and you will all have lovely, pretty, pink parcels to open come xmas morning! 

♥ Inspiration 



Kate x 



  1. that view is amazing!

    i emailed and tweeted you this but do you know when your scrabble rings in 'k' will be in stock?

  2. It looked a bit like that from my window on tuesday. Too cold for my liking. x

  3. I love the gingerbread man pic! I have loadsa stuff to come from you - fingers crossed you manage to get it out soon :o) ChloƩ xoxox

  4. It does look so pretty!! :) We are getting the opposite here, warmest Nov for a while, only meant to get hotter!

    I agree with above comment - that gingerbread hot choc looks so good! :)


  5. Beautiful pictures :)
    I hope the delivieries and orders get sorted out! I'm thinking of ordering a Dolly Bow for my sister for Christmas - they're so cute!
    Merry Christmas :)

  6. aww bless you! i hope they arrive too!! i literally can't wait any longer to get my hands on the gorgeous jewellery! xxx

  7. i hope everything is okay, and i can get my order in time for christmas <3
    the view is beautiful, i wish we had snow here in wales, but theres only rain here at the moment :( xxx

  8. This is all so inspiring!

    Lovely blog you have here!


  9. i wish the snow would go away, its nearly a foot deep where i live! xx

  10. aw all these photos are so lovely!!

  11. I think these photos are lovely! and your jewellery and accessories that you do are so pretty! keep up the good work Kate! x <3

  12. I like the inspiring words pictures. For a moment I thought it was you on the white jumper picture! Ix


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