Friday, 17 December 2010

Primark S/S 11

So i've seen a few blog posts about this already, but if you watch my videos on You Tube, you'll know I have a slight obsession with Primark! So was really excited to see the PR Shots of some of the pieces we can look forward to come this Spring. Heres a few of my favourite images:

I am im love with certain pieces, such as the holiday scene dress, with the socks and nude heels, It looks as though Primark will go all out with their summer dresses again this year, I also love absolutely everything about the final outfit! the nude/brown dress is gorgeous, and I really hope it lives up to expectations, the bag also look beautiful, and a lot more exspensive than it's £7 price tag.
     As always, these pieces won't make it into every store, as I learnt last year when I looked everywhere for a certain dress in their S/S10 collection and could never find it. I'm starting to think it never existed! 
   However, judging from this collection, of what I'm sure will contain many more beautiful pieces, I think Primark have done a fabulous job of making relatively cheap clothing, look more like higher end high Street.
    Who knows, some of these pieces could be popping up in a Primark haul some time in the New Year!

Images from PRshots



  1. I love primark isn't that jade from Britain's next top model.

  2. I love Primark, especially for holiday clothes. The model is BNTM's jade mcsorley- pleased a north east girl got a contract and i loved her on the show!


  3. Thank-you for the Dolly Bow! I love it so much it arrived a couple of days ago and wear it loads!

  4. love it! i also have an insane obsession with Primark!! so excited that your site is up and running again!! hope the snow again today doesn't mess up any of your plans xxxx

  5. It's JADE!!!! I LOVE JADE!
    Gorgeous pieces I am excited!

  6. I need the shorts from the first picture in my life! lol :

  7. Love the shorts from the first picture and the bag from the last one! Ixo


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